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Eating Working

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Anyone that knows me pretty well knows that I love to eat and I can cook but don’t like to cook. However, I am quite likely to cook as an act of love for my folks than I am took even heat up food for myself sometimes. I might drink some water and go to sleep rather than cook. And I will certainly work through hunger (especially when I am doing something I find uber-meaningful) and try to catch the next meal time when it rolls around. I am not the only one.

There are some of us that work through hunger regularly. That will spend money on all manner of techno-genius-toy and adornment magic rather than consistently pay more good wholesome food. Some of us will not do what it takes to give our bodies quality fuel but will do what is convenient like eating fast food that is not really food. It’s not a judgment. I’m not much better… starving myself… I feel like we are in the same boat. But I wonder what is it that has us value so much more than our own bodies.

Thankfully I have loved ones who hold me accountable to consistently eating. One challenge is that I have developed really rigid standards for what I will eat and drink. So, I will say I used to be better because it was easier for me to find options that I considered acceptable.

So, until I either 1) figure out how to metabolize/synthesize chlorophyll from the rays of the sun to provide nourishment for myself  OR    2) find someone to join our family that can provide that life-giving service , keep me lifted up in your prayers.

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