Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore: what about the beast

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Care of the Soul, Moore

Original Facebook Post: “”Care for the soul sees another reality altogether… every fall into ignorance and confusion [is] an opportunity to discover that the beast residing at the center of the labyrinth is also an angel.” ~ Thomas Moore”

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I Love this book! This is just one idea it touches on. ¬†Embracing, the good, the bad, the ugly, the beast… When we accept our wholeselves, even the parts that are undeniably problematic or just down right WRONG we give ourselves access to what thet energy or desire within us is here to teach us. It might help us to discover some trauma that needs healing, a vocation or passion that we have been denying or repressing or even some psychosis or embalance that needs to be transformed.

I think a tangible step for any of us in this direction (you know something to practice) is to be willing to be wrong and then quick to admit it and make amends. If folks are not willing to accept your apology or support you in your process of getting from wrong to right that’s ok. Don’t let THAT stop you from being quick to get on the right track. SOme of my proudest moments have been the moment I went from thinking I might be wrong to KNOWING I was wrong and doing everything I could think of to “Get right with God” (anybody know that old Baptist song). It tool a while for some folks to accept my apology or to trust me after I had done them wrong and harmer them but I was patient. I did not blame them for taking the time they needed. I just loved them as much as I could AND gave them space and balance and trust has grown and grown and grown.

Sometimes I don’t know how to be right. But I know that because I have committed my life to growing, learning and healing, I trust that every shadowy space is moving toward the light. Thank God for the light that comes from my dark places. They are all a gift.

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