Short Film Series

A series of shorts by J. Roxanne Wallace


A short narrative film in which two college students decide how to overcome fear, secrecy, and the (real and imaginary) gaze of others in order to obtain the loving relationship they crave.


Sweets for the Sweet: queer intergenerational language reproduction
A rhythmic video project that explores how we produce and reproduce names and language to identify ourselves.

A silent musical short that witnesses the search for romantic partnership.

A personal narrative animated project that explores a family system.

Versatile Triangles: The Closet, The Continuum and The Cabaret
A short pilot for a series that explores the complexities of identity and the secrecy, smoke and mirrors that we use to obscure and hide it.

Relationships (working title)
A short documentary film that explores lesbian break ups and the drama that sometimes surround them.

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